Instructions for authors

Participants interested in presenting a poster must submit an abstract of their work for consideration by the Scientific Committee of the event. At the time of submission you can select if you are interested in doing a short presentation of your work (3 minutes), if selected by the Scientific Committee.

Authors must follow the instructions. Otherwise, the abstracts will not be evaluated. Likewise, they must ensure that all authors know of and approve the content of the abstract before submission.

1. Specifications for the abstract

Take into account the following criteria:
  1. Abstracts can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.
  2. You must select a topic of the event for submission and evaluation.
  3. Avoid abbreviations; do not include references, tables, or figures.
  4. The abstract should be informative and must include title, authors, introduction, objective/research question, methods (very summarized), results-discussion, and conclusions. The different sections do not need to be separated. The maximum length is 300 words (without taking into account title and authors).
  5. Title: only the first word is capitalized, the rest must be in lowercase (unless it is a proper name).
  6. Authors: include all authors with their respective affiliation as follows: First name, last name. Affiliation will be indicated by a number and must include institution and country.
  7. Indicate the author who will present the work with an asterisk; include email.
  8. Use Times New Roman 12 point font.
  9. Abstracts that are not submitted using the provided form or after the deadline for reception (June 15) will not be accepted.
  10. Download abstracts template.

2. Abstract submission

  • All abstracts shall be submitted through the online form on the congress website, according to the above-mentioned criteria.
  • If you encounter any difficulties during the submission process or for further information regarding abstract submission via website, please contact us to
  • You can be an author in more than one poster abstract, but you can only present one poster during the poster sessions.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you have sent your abstract via website, check that you have received a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive the confirmation, please send an e-mail to:

3. Acceptance of work

  • Accepted abstracts will be notified as soon as possible and no later than June 18.
  • All accepted abstracts will be included in the proceedings of the event (Abstract book).

4. Instructions for the presentation of the accepted poster

  • The poster must be written in English.

  • A horizontal design is recommended; it is also recommended that you include the introduction, objective/research question, methodology, results-discussion and conclusions. 

  • The poster should be displayed clearly on the screen, avoiding excessive text.

  • Send the poster in PDF format (Max 10MB) and the final version of the abstract in Word format to the email address

5. Preparation of the video that will accompany the poster

  • The author/authors can also submit a short accompanying video of a maximum of three (3) minutes.
  • The author has the freedom to do it based on her/his criteria and creativity.
  • The videos must be uploaded to youtube and the link must be sent through the platform designated by the organizers for this purpose, so that it can be placed next to your poster.

To keep in mind:

  • The posters will be available on the platform throughout the event, along with a link to the video that must be uploaded to YouTube.
  • The poster author(s) must resolve the questions posed by the public through the platform designated by the organizers for this purpose during the days of the event.
  • For the video, strive for good quality presentation, sound, and lighting, as this keeps the audience's attention. Also ensure that the presenter's face is shown.

Don't forget!

Some posters will be selected for short oral presentations, in a session called "Best posters" on Thursday, July 29, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. GTM-5

The ISME-LAT 2021 organizing committee is available to answer your questions and comments.





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